Management Idea

Toda industrial group deepening particles with iron oxide culture synthesis technology, constantly maintained rapid development.

Management Policy

As the establishment of "business based products manufacturing enterprises", be founded more than a hundred years can continue development, and contribute to the social enterprise.

Action Pointer

Provide sufficient value to the product, including price, quality, safety and environmental response.


Todakogyo started its business two hundred years ago. It firstly involved in producing iron oxide red (an indispensable pigment for porcelain decorated with colored drawings, lacquerware and historical building) used as iron oxide pigment. Iron oxide, as one of the most prevailing compound consisting of iron and oxygen on the earth, is a kind of environment-friendly inorganic chemical. Moreover, Todakogyo produces iron oxide with the byproducts of the steel industry as the raw material, and develops a corpuscule synthesis technique, which “turns waste into wealth”. At present, except iron oxide, we also produce powered ink for printer and duplicator, magnetic materials for automobile and home appliances, antenna for mobile terminal equipment, anode material for lithium ion cell and the raw materials for the catalyst.
On the other hand, Todakogyo International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary company 100% contributed by Todakogyo Industrial Group, conducts business in China by producing environmental protection equipment for water treatment at the very beginning. Environmental protection, as the most important subject of the Chinese Government, has enormous business opportunities in the aspects like the improvement of drainage, exhauster and soil. We provide environmental-friendly products with advanced technology and environmental improvement devices to customers in China and the world. Furthermore, we purchase and manufacture the materials that products need from China and other regions and provide them to the headquarters in Japan and affiliated companies of the group. I hope Todakogyo International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. further develop and strengthen the ties with more clients in China, Asia and Todakogyo Industrial Group .